Customer satisfaction for customers of Checkpoint Perfumes BV

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<P>Customer satisfaction for customers of Checkpoint Perfumes BV</P> <P>Document:   Customer Satisfaction Research 2008<BR>Word count:   20.000 (excluding appendix) (15.830 so far)<BR>Date: ?</P> <P>Prepared by:</P> <P>Preface</P> <P>Over 6 years ago I started my study of International Hospitality Management at Stenden University in Leeuwarden, the study focuses strongly guest satisfaction During my 10 months internship on Aruba, part of my task were to keep track of the daily customer satisfaction survey updates. And analysing the trends.<BR>The past 3 months I apply my experience in this field at Checkpoint Perfumes BV, in the form of a graduation projects for my recent study, MBA in International Business and Management. This graduation project encompasses a customer satisfaction analysis leading to recommendations for further service improvements.<BR> <BR>First I would like to thank Miss Vivian Schutte, and Puck van Dijk, my supervisor at HTG, for their patience and assistance and their support in case of questions. The company gym manager, for providing the possibility to blow off steam. All other employees of HTG, who helped me out for providing me with insights necessary to complete this graduation thesis for Checkpoint Perfume BV. Whenever I ran into a problem at one point, despite busy schedules, help was never far away.</P> <P>Of course I would also like to thank Mr. Henebury, my academic supervisor at MBA in IB&M, who made exceptional contributions not only during this project, but the whole time at Hanze MBA in IB&M</P> <P>Even though it is impossible to mention everybody who has contributed to the completion of this project, I especially want to thank my family and close friends for their patience and assistance during the last weeks.<BR> <BR>Executive Summary</P> <P>The research question of this graduation project is:</P> <P>´How satisfied are customers and ex-customers with Checkpoint perfumes BV? ´</P> <P>To answer this question, first the literature was reviewed to define the concept of parallel imports and examine parallel imports and customer satisfaction and loyalty.</P> <P>Checkpoint Perfumes BV is the trading and wholesale division for perfumes and cosmetics as part of Holland Trading Group (HTG). Checkpoint joined the holding company in the 80’s. The company quickly developed from a European trading firm to a global trading and wholesale company in top quality A-branded perfumes and cosmetics with an expansive and ever growing network of trading and distribution partners. For organisational chart, see: (Appendices G). Goods are acquired by means of parallel importing, which allows retailers, wholesalers and other parties to by-pass authorized local suppliers, licensees and agents to supply customer. The more exclusive the distribution channel is the more unauthorized distributors want the product and the more opportunities for Checkpoint to sell the exclusive products. Checkpoint mainly serves the Dutch market; the most common client is the independent perfumery, pharmacy or drugstore who is not especially interesting for the trademark owner.</P> <P>The Dutch Parallel perfume market is a saturated market, therefore Checkpoint is in the situation where practically every prospect already has the product (or its substitute) and, thus, it is a replacement market with only a limited chance of new sales.  <BR>If a client is not happy with the service or availability of products related to a purchase, the switch to a competitor is easily made; therefore creating customer loyalty created by incentives and good service is eminent for the company. Because acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining them.</P> <P>Co